Alltek Base Coat

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Alltek base coat is an acrylic based exterior grade material for application as basecoat to alltek exterior grade plasters and alltek top coat.

Alltek base coat is supplied in white and colours to match the exterior plasters and top coat.

Alltek base coat has excellent surface adhesion, flexibility to hold the substrate and plaster / paint.

Alltek base coat being supplied in matching plaster colour enhances the plaster surface uniform reflection.

Technical Data
pH 7.5 to 8.5
Toxicity Non toxic
Shelf life 6 months in unopened container
Storage Keep the containers in a dry place, away from sunlight.
Recoating After 4 hrs, however ensure good drying
Coverage Approx.60 sft / lit in single coat application
Coverage may vary with substrate absorption, temperature at the time of application & material dilution.

Features s
  • Acrylic cement primer
  • Exterior water resistent.
  • Easy application with a brush.
  • Good coverage & economical.
Colour White / matching natural shades.
Packing 25/5/1 kg bag.
Surface preparation
  • Remove loose sand particles / nibs / fins / oil & grease from the surface.
  • Fill the surface cavities if any and level the surface.
Dilution Add potable water as per the recommended dilution.
  • Apply the material on dry wall with a paint brush over the surface.
  • Allow good surface drying for the next coat.