Alltek Cement Primer (Ext)

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Alltek cement primer [Ext] is a specially formulated exterior grade acrylic primer for application over exterior concrete & cement plastered surfaces.

Alltek cement primer [Ext] has excellent surface adhesion to the substrate on which it is applied and also bonds well with the paint / plaster applied over it.

Alltek cement primer [Ext] imparts uniform white colour to the substrate thus helping uniform reflection of the paint applied over it.

Alltek cement primer [Ext] has excellent alkaline resistance suiting well to work on concrete / cement plastered surfaces.alltek cement primer [Ext] has good compatibility with alltek plasters & paints.

Technical Data
Sp.gravity 1.40
pH 7.5 to 8.5
Toxicity non toxic
Shelf life 6 months in unopened container
Storage keep the containers in a dry place, away from sunlight
Recoating after 4 hrs, however ensure good drying
  • Approx.150 sft / lit in single coat application
  • Coverage vary with substrate absorption, temp

  • Acrylic based primer.
  • Water resistent.
  • Easy application with a brush.
  • Good coverage & economical.
Colour White
Packing 20/10//1 lts plastic bucket.
Surface preparation
  • Remove loose sand particles / nibs / fins / oil & grease from the surface.
  • Fill the surface cavities if any and level the surface.
Dilution Single coat of Interior Cement Primer (Exterior) should be applied on surface prepared plastered wall. Dilute 1 Litre of Cement Primer(Exterior) with 1 Litre of water.
  • Apply the material on dry wall with a paint brush over the surface.
  • Allow good surface drying for the next coat.