Alltek Dazylite

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Alltek dazylite is a premium grade pure acrylic based exterior emulsion paint made to create smooth and bright exterior surfaces adding value, beauty & durability to the structure.

Alltek dazylite apart from excellent surface adhesion also offers flexibility and better tolerance to normal thermal movement, thus protecting the surface against hairline cracks.

Alltek dazylite has specially chosen raw materials and the selectively sieved fine fillers offer smoothness and surface coverage, added to this the film protective agents used make the surface resistant to algae and fungal growth.

Alltek dazylite for better results, specially on building elevations, it is advised to follow the application sequence after good surface preparation – alltek key coat/ alltek under coat/ putty like alltek skim coat white 1127 (white cement based) or alltek Exterior superfine (acrylic based) or alltek deco bisona smooth (acrylic based) where smoothness and better flexibility is required may be applied in two coats.

Over the smooth exterior plaster alltek exterior cement primer and alltek dazylite paint in two coats can be applied.

Where texture surface is the requirement alltek deco base offering scratch finish in small/big/jumbo/super jumbo lines may be applied in single coat over which alltek exterior cement primer and alltek Dazylite paint as finishing coat can be applied.

Technical Data
pH 7 to 8
Toxicity non-toxic
Shelf life 12 months in unopened container.
Base Pure acrylic
Shelf Life 6 months in unopened container
Surface Drying 10 to 15 min for touch dry @ 30 degree temp. For water resistance allow 3 wks.
Recoating 4 to 5 hrs at normal temperature.
Coverage Approx. 80 sft /lit, varies with substrate
Colours As per the shade card
Packing 20/10/4/1 lit plastic buckets