Alltek Smooth

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Alltek deco bisona Texture / smooth is a premium grade exterior ready- mix plaster specially formulated for spraying on to the exterior surfaces / Bison or other panel boards, wherein flexible jointing system is done -  to create granular texture finish(using alltek deco bisona texture) or surface can be made smooth (using alltek deco bisona smooth).

Alltek deco bisona Texture/Smooth is made with specially selected and sieved quartz fractions, sand, fine quality white fillers in a pure acrylic binding medium.

Alltek deco bisona texture is supplied in white & selected shades.

Alltek deco bisona Texture/Smooth being exterior grade can very well withstand rain & sunlight protecting the underlying surface.

Alltek deco bisona Texture/Smooth apart from exterior whether protection also has excellent surface adhesion and flexibility, thus reducing surface cracks.

  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Excellent surface adhesion.
  • Simple spray application for texture finish.
  • Saves on labour & project time *Suits fast track projects
  • Long durability.
Colour White
Packing 25/5/1 kg bag.
Shelf Life 6 months in unopened container
Surface Preparation
  • remove loose sand particles/nibs/fins/oil & grease from the surface.
  • fill the surface cavities if any with sand & cement and level the Surface.
Material Dilution Apply material as supplied. When required add little potable water for dilution.
  • apply one coat of alltek ext.cement primer over prepared surface hiding the background & allow good drying.*dilute material with potable water as required for spraying.
  • Spray alltek deco bisona texture with alltek hand held spray Gun in a uniform manner in single coat.
  • for creating smooth surface use alltek deco Bisona smooth using alltek spatulas in two coats.
  • allow alltek deco bisona texture to dry well.
  • alltek exterior cement primer & paint can be applied over alltek deco bisona smooth to get desired shade.