Alltek Floor Tile Fix

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Alltek tile fix is a ready mixed tile fixing plaster for ease of fixing ceramic tiles over cement plastered leveled surfaces.

Alltek tile fix is supplied in paste form thus avoiding the mess of site mixing. alltek tile fix has excellent surface bonding holding the tile and the surface.

Alltek tile fix does not require tile wetting and ensure the surface
is dry at the time of application.

Technical Data
Material Ready mixed paste
Dilution Add water when required
Toxicity Non toxic
Shelf life 6 months in unopened, undamaged container.

  • Acrylic readymixed paste.
  • Easy thin coat application.
  • Excellent surface adhesion.
Colour Beige
Packing 25/5/1 kg bag.
Coverage Approx. 4-6 sft/kg.
Surface preparation
  • Remove loose sand particles / nibs / fins / oil & grease from the surface.
  • Fill the surface cavities if any and level the surface.
  • Clean the surface.
  • Apply the material on dry surface with alltek spatula, remove excess material & level the surface.
  • Run serrated blade over the surface to make thin tile bed.
  • Fix the tiles.