NCL Render 608

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This is specially designed PLASTERING Material for AAC Blocks & has good Adhesion with AAC Blocks and it can also be used for CLC Blocks, Solid/ Hollow Cement Blocks. This is a dry mix made of Polymer Additives, High grade Cement, Sand & other fillers.

This material with addition of potable water can be Pumped and directly sprayed onto the Wall /Ceiling with great speed. It can be easily leveled by Mason.

  • It Works out very economical as coating thickness can be reduced to 6-8 mm. Handling wastages are minimised.
  • Plastering Time can be dramatically reduced, lesser number of masons are required when pumped, saves over 50% manpower
  • 2 to 3 days curing is sufficient

Note: For using it on Ceilings and on AAC blocs a coat of NCL Spatter dash 139 is mandatory. Hacking of ceilings can be eliminated.