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It is economic exterior emulsion paint for common man. It is specially FORMULATESD with special pigments to give smooth exterior finish. It is available in eye pleasing colours. It also offers good water resistance, UV resistance and common Alge and fungus resistance. It is suitable for brush, roller and spray applications.

Standard surface preparation of exterior walls is to be strictly followed before optima application.

Two coats of NCL optima is to be applied over cement plastered primed exterior walls. Roller application of 2 nd coat will give a rich look. 3 coats are recommended for parapets, lintels and other horizontal surfaces.

Technical Data
Sp. Gravity 1.42 ± 0.02
pH 7 to 8
Toxicity Non toxic
Shelf life 12 months in unopened container.
Surface drying 15 to 20 minutes at 30o C
Recoating time 6 hours at normal temperature
Coverage 50-70 sq.ft/lit The coverage depends upon the substrate conditions.
VOC Less than 5%