NCL Skim Coat Coarse 2279

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White Cement based

ncl skim coat coarse - 2279 is white cement based coarse material for direct application over plastered walls.

Description :
ncl skim coat coarse - 2279 is white cement based, polymer modified dry mix material specially made to work on coarse plastered walls on interior and exterior surfaces.

ncl skim coat coarse - 2279 can easily be mixed manually or by machine at site. Only specified quantity of potable water needs to be added at site and follow simple mixing procedure to get a uniform paste.

ncl skim coat coarse - 2279 can be applied over coarse cement surface and leveled with one meter long box profile for better leveling and to cover surface undulations. Normally single coat application is sufficient to cover miner undulations, however if the undulations are more second coat may be applied.

For smooth finish skim coat - 1127 can be applied over NCL skin coat coarse -2279

Composition :
ncl skim coat coarse - 2279 is factory premixed dry powder mix consisting of white cement, finely selected and sieved sand, polymer and other fine aggregates to facilitate surface adhesion, workability.

Technical Data
Colour White
Coat Thickness 2-4 mm per coat
Filler Selectively graded lime stone & sand
Max particle size 4 mm
Pot life 2 hrs. after mixing water
Storage Store in a clean & dry area. Avoid water / moisture contact
Shelf life 6 months from the date of manufacture in sealed, unopened sacks.
Coverage 12 sft / kg in single coat application. Coverage varies depending upon substrate condition & application practice.

  • assured factory quality
  • long durability
  • can be used for interior & exterior surfaces
  • easy mixing & application
  • levels the surface better
Product Code 2279
Colour White
Packing 40kg/20kgHDPE SACK
Surface preparation
  • Remove loose sand particles / nibs / fins / oil & grease from the surface.
  • Fill the surface cavities if any and level the surface.
  • Clean the surface with water to remove dust.
Material Mixing
  • Add 7 ltrs of potable water / 20kg sack and Mix to get uniform paste.
  • Leave the mixer for 10 min. & remix again adding additional water to get uniform paste.
  • Mix the quantity that can be consumed in 2 hrs. time.
  • Remix again for further requirement.
  • Always pour material into water.
  • Use stirrer for mixing preferably.
  • Apply directly on cement plastered walls.
  • Apply in two coats.
  • Use steel edged long spatulas for application.(One meter long box profile)
  • Excess material drawn from the wall while leveling can be reused.
  • Draw the blade with material from bottom to the top ensuring no material wastage.
  • Allow surface to dry for 6 to 8 hrs. between coats.
  • Fill the surface pores if any and allow to dry.
  • Use ncl skim coat 1127 to make surface smooth.