Alltek Superfine

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Alltek superfine is an Interior grade ready mix plaster for application over levelled sand finished cement plastered walls and cellings, panel boards like gypsum & bison panels etc.

Alltek superfine is made for ease of applciation in a ready mixed paste form with specially selected inert mineral fillers, antifungal agents to protect the material the acrylic binding medium used gives good surface adhesion. Alltek superfine material can be sprayed on to the surface with a spray unit for fast track projects, saving project time.

Alltek superfine can be applied directly over cement plastered surface with out applying primer coat, because of its good surface adhesion, and alkaline resistance, thus saving primer cost over cement walls.

Alltek superfine was developed in SWEDEN fifty years ago and since then the product has been developed further to suit various climates around the world and today alltek is widely used product in Europe, middle east, south east Asian countries, Africa, China and India.

Alltek interior grade materials come in coarse, fine, super fine & superfine (w/r) grades to suit various interior surface requirements.

Technical Data
Sp.gravity 1.7
pH 7.5 to 8.5
Toxicity non-toxic
Shelf life 6 months in unopened packing
Fire rating class “0” rating.
Surface drying touch dry 4 hrs at 30 degree centigrade. Allow overnight between coats.
Flexibility accommodates normal thermal movement without flaking or chipping.
Coverage Around 200 sft/25 kilo bag. Coverage may vary depending upon the condition of the substrate.

  • Readymixed paste for direct application.
  • Easy application.
  • Long durability.
  • Smooth or Textured finish.
  • Inherent flexibility and is less prone to cracking.
  • Very econominal.
Colour Off White
Packing 25kg HDPE sack.
Surface Preparation
  • Remove loose sand particles / nibs / fins / oil & grease from the surface.
  • Fill the surface cavities if any and level the surface.
Material Mixing Add potable water if required for dilution.
  • Apply directly on cement plastered walls in two coats.
  • Use steel edged Alltek spatulas for application.
  • Excess material drawn from the wall while leveling can be reused.
  • Apply first coat, allow surface to dry.
  • Apply final coat next day.
  • Use 320 or more fine emery paper for sanding.
  • Apply primer & paint as desired.