NCL Tile Adhessive 312

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• A grey cement based polymer modified, thin coat adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles on leveled walls & floors.
• A high quality factory premixed dry powder with special chemical additives and processed mineral aggregates.
• Has good adhesive strength holding on to the wall and tile over it.
• Provides high bonding strength, flexibility and full coverage to the tile surface, thereby providing full bed, sound and long lasting installation as compared to the hollow and weak installation with conventional plaster.
• Suitable for use on most masonry and concrete Surfaces. .

Technical Data
Surface Preparation: Clean the surface to be tiled with wire brush and water. Keep ready - mixing tools, trowel, hammer, notched trowel, joint spacers, sponge etc.
Material Mixing: Take about 4 lit of clean water in to a deep bucket. While mixing with electric drill with a whisk, add 20 kg of ncl Tile Adhesive 312 slowly. Add additional water as required to make the mixer into a uniform paste. As a guide, maintain the paste consistency to flow slowly when lifted on a trowel.
Application: Apply the mixer over the surface and comb through with a notched trowel (2-3 mm) to make a leveled uniform bed. Place the tile over the bed and gently tap, move to remove the air voids underneath. Allow the tile to set for 24 hrs.
Storage Store in a sheltered & dry place.

  • Assured Factory Quality - Eliminates site batch mix variations
  • Eliminates site procurement of individual raw materials.
  • Eliminates site sieving.
  • Thin coat application is sufficient.
  • Saves cost on labor.
Colour Grey
Packing 20, 40 & 50kg HDPE bags.
Coverage 5 to 7 sft./kg at 2 to 3 mm bed.
Pot life Approx. 30 mins, may vary due to temperature & other conditions.