NCL Tile Grount 219

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• ncl Tile Grout 219 is a polymer modified white cement based grout.

• ncl Tile Grout 219 is a smooth hydrophobic compressible grouting mixture that has been designed to give tile joints a satin-like appearance.

• Recommended for ceramic tiles, natural stone and mosaic tiles for joints up to 3mm wide.

• Suitable for internal & external applications.

Technical Data
Preparation: The grouting can be done 3 days after tiling. The joints should be clean. Tile Fixing adhesive should not rise over half the depth of the joints. Excess mortar should be removed.
Material Mixing: Quantities up to 5kg may be mixed by hand. Mix ncl Tile Grout 219 with the required amount of clean water to a smooth consistency. For larger quantities, use a mechanical mixer until mixture is homogeneous - firm smooth paste. Use immediately
Application: A rubber trowel may be used for applying the grout. The grout is applied diagonally over the tiles and pressed firmly into the joints until they are completely filled. Excess grout on tiles should be removed. The grout should be allowed to dry for 15 to 30 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. A damp sponge is then used to clean the tile surface. Use as little water as possible for cleaning the joints and the tiles. To make cleaning easier, unglazed tiles should be moistened with a damp sponge before grouting. Tile surface is left to dry before final wiping with dry cloth. While wiping and polishing, do not rub the joints too hard. In dry conditions, curing may be necessary.
Storage Store in a sheltered and dry place

Colour White
Joint width up to 3 mm
Consumption Varies depending on the size, thickness of the tile and width of joint
Pot life Approx, 1 hour, may vary due to temperature & other conditions
Packing 1kg & 5kg HDPE bags